The New Life Lockbox you can get at D&D Neverwinter XBOX ONE online now! Inside the New Life Lockbox there is a chance you can get new-born creatures - some baby Augment Companions! So cute! 


If you are have enough luck to get New Life Legendary Companion Pack or the New Life Epic Companion Pack, the Polar Bear Cub, Owlbear Cub or Bulette Pup you will find. Each companion has different stats and a different Active Bonus, choose the best one fore your class. And you also have a chance get the new artifact - Horn of Valhalla, summons a single ghostly barbarian that will protect you for 30 secs, and Taunt all nearby enemies and strikes targets in front of him for 3243 damage every few seconds.

How to get Zen in neverwinter?

You can use your cash money or Neverwinter Astral Diamonds exchange to Zen. $10 = 1000 Zen, but according to the Astral Diamond Exchange system, we known the minimum exchange rate is 50 astral diamonds for 1 Zen, and the maximum is 500 ADs for 1 Zen, now we know the astral diamonds exchange for Zen is the most cost-effective way. You can buy cheap neverwinter xbox one astral diamonds in, now $35.27 = 1000,000 ADs after used discount coupon code “never”. Enjoy fast delivery and warm service 24/7 LIVE CHAT for your neverwinter astral diamonds xbox one orders.