Roberto versatile features in the pre-season warm-up in the emerging, several squad was right back for various reasons, can not be played at this time Roberto stand out. Alves injured in the first round of the league, gave me the opportunity to continue to Roberto played. In the league, his performance finally won the fans' attention. He then starts and Atletico Madrid in this match-ups are not color to complete the FIFA Coins task. For Roberto, he seems to have finally found his place in Barcelona: Substitute right-back.


However, when Messi, Iniesta (Data), Rafinha been injured, he returned to the midfield position, their dedication to complete their mission. It was found that at this time no longer as Roberto would like to run blindly past midfield, his ability in all aspects have been significantly improved, football has become a lot of confidence.


As the season, Roberto exams to the national derby, Real Madrid face (data), Enrique Messi on the bench, but let Roberto as the starting right wing. This is almost all the fans scared out of his chin, and such a surprise ten minutes after the start of the race is still not dispersed. Speculation, Enrique hope that Roberto Alves went to help his marker C Ronaldo and Marcelo, the game we can actually see on the C Luo Roberto defense. But even more unexpected is that cheap fifa coins, on the defensive, while Roberto is also actively involved in the offense and instigated the team's first goal, simply put, that night, he was Sergio Mae Sy Roberto.