According to Spain, "Aspen Daily" news, Barcelona (official website data) star Pique accepted the media interview, he talked about his often controversial remarks published reasons, Pique also point out the three most difficult defensive forward their own eyes.


The media, often Koubuzeyan Pique, often say some radical or controversial comments, which makes Pique often caught with Real Madrid (data) camp mouth battle, many Spanish media bombarded Pique, while in an interview with "GQ" magazine interview, Pique responded, "I know what they are doing and why, and competition between Barcelona and Real Madrid so that we become the greatest, so that from time to time, I would pick from confrontation. "


Pique spoke his mind three most formidable strikers, he thought Drogba, C Ronaldo and Levante, "Drogba is very comprehensive, very good sense of rhythm, physically strong, but also technical feet very strong. I have had many times with C Lo confrontation, he could be considered the best fifa coins player in history, is also a very complete player, he can score, can assist, can enter the free kick, penalty kick can he can do everything.


"Levante is a tall, good heading ability, the feet are also very balanced. It's hard to man-mark him, you do not know what he would do next second."


For reasons he did not choose upfifacoins MSN, Pique also gives the saying, "Obviously, I did not mention Messi, Neymar and Suarez, because every day in training, I have to face them, you see I was not tortured them. "