In a new squad announced Bosque, Barcelona (official website data) teenager Sergio - Roberto selected, even tone he had the opportunity to attend three months after the European Cup in France. Last season Roberto Barcelona or marginal figures, but now he has become one of his most indispensable fifa 17 points player Enrique.


Roberto in Barcelona this season has been played seven different positions, his technical and tactical team play understanding have made considerable progress, like last summer, like what the magic potion to drink, no matter how Barca squad changes in the 23-year-old young teenager are able to find their own position, and now he is the team's style of play and the role reminiscent of the age of the players Lewis - Enrique.


Enrique player period, although the team has Figo, Rivaldo, Sony Anderson, Overmars so versatile player, but he can still get a lot of opportunities, the secret is that he can play many positions, once the ball when the team is facing shortage of individual positions, Enrique can come forward, and performance is quite outstanding, on the pitch, he almost everywhere. Today it is like Roberto Enrique year. Whether coach Enrique asked him to do fifa coins, he will not hesitate to perform and dedication of all the things he could do.