Harden sent out the first half with 13 points, 10 assists and 5 rebounds in the all-around data, the data is worth Westbrook Experience: 6 voted 2 to only 5 points, but sent nine rebounds and nine assists.


Rocket confirm the poor state of Wei less shooting, after entering the third quarter Durant expand the focus of containment; Thunder Harden confirmed the importance of the rocket, launched the attack at any time for Harden. After Moti pointers led the Rockets build five nba 2k mt points advantage, the Thunder consecutive fouls, free throws tied the score firepower.


Durant 13 shots through three quarters 6 14 points. Section III Westbrook continuously shot still did not find shooting touch, single-Wei less 5 vote total loss, but also eat a big pot cover Capela sent. But Wei less formed with Harden assists confrontation: Harden sent three flat career record of 14 assists, Wei less sent 11 assists and 11 rebounds, three pairs for the harvest is ready. Three rocket cruised to 77-78 behind.


Beasley and Terry are distal anterior consecutive goals, the Rockets continued to lead up points confrontation. Weishao Li Bite chance dunk, this desire to boost the offensive soon Wei little red basket again Beverly complete three-point play, the Thunder lead to 93-90.


Westbrook for the third consecutive games scored three pairs, this 15th triple-double of the season. Distal middle of Durant free throws scored 20 points, 56 consecutive games scoring at least 20 points, Durant tied his career record.

Harden red basket to score after score Westbrook answered with a jumper; Harden and free throws up points, 15 assists to help the Beverly launched into pointers, the Rockets lead to 99-97. Harden assists and a career-high.

Westbrook connected to the 2 ball rate of 6-0 offensive thunder, thunder out again. After Harden free throws up points, Wei less help Durant jump shot to score. Thunder 30 seconds left in the game leading 106-101. Terry Harden and even three-pointers, the Rockets will be sent out to 1 minute; Ibaka free throw line two free throws, the Rockets to 11.9 seconds left, but the search for a long pass Harden Howard mistakes Harden was forced to foul 6 fouled out. Westbrook two free nba 2k17 coins throws to seal the victory for the Thunder. Final Thunder 111-107 victory over the Rockets.