Cavaliers 124-91 pummeled today to Denver, get the first 50 games of the season. However, after the game, reporters have little interest in the details of the game, we are more concerned about why LeBron - James cancel Follow on Twitter on the Knight official NBA 2K17 MT accounts. But, faced with a reporter asked James chose declined to answer.


When asked whether their own concerns about the Knights canceled the official Twitter and Instagram account when James bluntly said: "Next question."


Recently, James often because Twitter sudden controversy after he continuously sent a few puzzling content, is understood to want to leave the Cavaliers, a team-mate of dissatisfaction. Today, James Knight official social accounts to take off once again be interpreted as a possible knight dissatisfaction.


There is one detail worth pondering after race day morning shoot around, James did not accept media interviews. Since the return of James Knight, James, this is the first time after the shooting training for reporters admitted by the past, if not ill or determine truce, James is always an interview with reporters.


Contact all the details, look at James disgruntled or dissatisfied with the nba 2k17 coins team's recent performance, the team or disaffection. However, according to an insider revealed to understand the idea of ​​James, James does not matter in these acts disgruntled with the outside world is too fuss.