According to British media, "Mirror" signings the Spanish domestic media reported that since the club did not on their tax issues show enough free fifa coins support, Barcelona (official website data) or defender Javier Mascherano in the summer return to the Premiership.


Some time ago, Javier Mascherano since the tax issues related institutions by Spain impose a certain number of years of imprisonment and a fine, but when Argentine defender lawyer after this penalty appeal from the prison Mascherano disaster. But Barca and Javier Mascherano not to support any aspect on this issue, Mascherano expressed considerable dissatisfaction, said this summer is likely to return to the Premier League, but did not say whether it will return to the Premier League Liverpool (data ).


Mascherano currently has £ 79 million buyout clause in the contract with Barcelona, ​​which means that there is no Europe-wide several clubs have the economic strength of this price. But there is news that Javier Mascherano's agent has been in negotiations with several Premier League clubs, in order to be able to return to the Premier League this summer, Argentina defender to continue playing.


Mascherano in August 2010 to 24 million euros transfer fee from Liverpool to join Barcelona, ​​Liverpool midfielder Alonso and Mascherano at Barcelona was abruptly transformed into a defender. So far played 271 times on behalf of Barcelona in all competitions, he has not scored any goals race. According to data given by the German fifa 17 coins ps4 transfer market, the 31-year-old Mascherano is now worth only 15 million euros.